Darn Fashion

 #LetsTalkTheTalk for real, Does any other teenage girl just wanna look cute and dress in style. Putting on my deep red crop top for a day at Walmart was not the best Decision. My hair was straightened, I had my Jordan’s on and was feeling so confident. the second I get to Walmart the first person I see is Mrs. Rylee my LA teacher. Being into sports an being a goody goody, I ran far, far, away. Only to run right by my social studies teacher Mr. Dunken. Wow could this really be happening to me is all I could think as I quickly said hi and kept walking in a “Black Friday” pace. Making it down a couple more aisles before noticing my all time crush browsing the store! Squealing I high tale it to the restrooms. Wiping my armpits with toilet paper trying to stop sweating and gain composer I hear a small ding from my phone. Checking my screen I see my crush has Snapped me on Snap chat. Oh Great. Feeling overwhelmed I decide to not open the message. As I exit I see my Ex boyfriends father, awkwardly saying hi and making sure to avoid eye contact. Finally leaving the back of the store and sneaking to the front for some subway, for my not covered tummy was a growl fest. Only to see my science teacher in line!  Needing food and in all reality not caring anymore I step in line. This day started with me wanting to be pretty to ending up a self-conscious mess. Does anyone else ever feel the same way?! comment how you fell


Birthday dares

We have been tracking a group of boys for about five minutes now. Yes at the mall and yes they have most definitely noticed. After seeing them walk into a shoe store we swiftly follow. The giggles and laughs we are creating making it known of our plan. The boys quickly state how obvious we are being. trying to maintain the cover we only wish to have, we begin to “look” at shoes. Gaining little confidence and needing a push all i hear is LETS GO! So here I am, taking the biggest risk of rejection in a little teenagers life. Approaching the hot. tall, adorable target. biting my lip intensely, wetting my lips I ask a simple question. “Can I make this a little more obvious and ask for your number?”, I say as I hand him my phone. quickly walking away with the prize typed in my phone. feeling slightly energized from my first pick-up line, we continue to search for man meat. Pointing at different prey with friends.

A deep melody of a voice fills my ears. Smiling ear to ear, turning my head slightly only to feel my heart fill my entire chest as it swells. A simple Hi is all he says, quickly turning all the way around. I smile even wider, the sparkle I hope gleams in my eye to show i’m interested. even I still cant believe he asked for my Snapchat, my hands shudder and shake as i type his prize into His phone. before my cheeks light the entire mall ion fire from their heat. I smile one more time before waltzing away in a daze.